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It makes my heart sing when my clients love what I do and I make a real difference in their lives.


Case Studies

Take a moment to read our case studies and feedback from happy customers.

Julie Lewin loves her custom blend!

Julie was unsure if the custom blend would make an impact on her business. From day 1 of using the custom products – the drops and the spray – she experienced a positive impact. Listen to her video for more details.

Charli Fels adores her Twin flame and Everyday Alchemy Energy Mists

“I use them everyday, I adore them. Actually, i’m obsessed with them. A funny anecdote, have been driving my daughter around the last week and every time we got in the car, I would get out the Twin Flame before i drove away. Buckle up and spray. That’s my routine. helps me get centred and alive for wherever i’m going, or whoever i’m meeting. My daughter says, “mum!! What are you doing? It’s a must! She knows i can’t live without my Mists”.

Dee's Puppy Steele feels calm in a storm with SOS Soul Drops

Dee is a much love client of ours and now her puppy Steeley benefits from our SOS Soul drops too. Steely first used SOS for seperation anxiety. When Dee left for work, it took a while for him to settle and he was annoying neighbours with his barking. We put Steely on SOS drops for a month and then when necessary. Now Steely is a calm, happy and centred Dog and only needs his SOS every now and then, especially when there are electrical storms around.

Petra Feit is a much loved, valued, long term client

“Kimmy’s work is a craftmanship that has mixed with alchemy in a beautiful and rare ratio of worlds that are both tangible and not. In her unique way she connects aspects of our beings to the frequencies that will assist and support it in order to grow, learn and experience life in it’s purest and joyous way. I have been using Kimmy’s custom remedies as well as her Harmonise Mist for Spiritual Hygeine to help me stay grounded and on my path. I feel like an extra helping hand reaches out when I use Kimmy’s remedies. I feel honoured and blessed to have crossed paths with such a knowledgeble , humble and kind soul that Kimmy is”.

Moving house can be very stressful

“I expected when we moved house for it to be crazy, but I truely believe the Custom Remedy & SOS essence Kim created for me, made for a calm & happy move! 

Not only does the essence smell so beautiful, it’s a calming presence for me.

Thank you Kim xx


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