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Helps you let go of your busy day so you feel, calm, chilled out and well rested. Can help ease tension in stressful times and is great to help you Unwind before bed so you sleep better. 

When feeling uptight and tense to help you feel calmer.
After your shower of bath to help you get into the sleepy wind down.
To help you let go of your busy day so you can float off to sleep easier.
When feeling hyped up after playing sports and you can’t unwind.
Great for kids after bath time to help ease them into their bedtime ritual.

A peaceful and calming blend of floral, Citrusy and herbaceous essential oils that when blended create the energy frequency of a tranquil stream where serenity, comfort and relaxation can be easily accessed and assimilated into being. Frankincense helps to quiet any tensions, for emotional balance and Peru Balsam comforts and soothes the spirit.

“With everything going on this year, I have felt more uptight than my usual cheery self and find it hard to relax at the end of the day. UNWIND Energy Mist has been a Godsend in our home. I use it any time i feel agitated and stressed and again after my shower at  the end of the day, It has worked so well for me, i’m sleeping better and have noticed if I get cranky, all i need to do is give myself a bit of a Misting and i’m able to let go easier. I’ve just started misting my kids after their baths now and it seems to be helping. They aren’t as resistant to go to bed as usual which is soooooo good!” Julie M

30ml – Spray

Ingredients: Pure and organic essential oils, activated water, Almond & coconut sugar as a natural dispersant

Aqueous Ingredients: Solar infused Flower, Crystal, Angelic and Reiki frequencies that help connect us to that wise part of ourselves (higher self) who knows us best, helping us to defuse feelings of stress and helping us let go of the heavy thoughts of mind looping around and stopping us from a restful night sleep and feelings of peace and calm. By releasing obsessive thoughts tension we are able to drift off to a peaceful state and rest well.

Essential oils: Organic and pure essential oils of the highest quality: Lemon, Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender. Marjoram, Lavender, Balsam de Peru, Frankincense.

Radiate a higher vibration of love, positivity & harmony with our full range.


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