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Self Love Essence



Self Love is to love and accept yourself as the magnificent being you are.

This essence attracts the frequency of divine compassion for self and others. It encourages you to let go of fear & open your heart trusting it’s safe to express yourself and your feelings to others. It reminds you that you are a loving child of a loving God. It may help heal feelings of abandonment or alienation from others.

Essential oils and vibrational essence spray mist.

20ml – Spray


The Self Love Essence attracts the frequency of divine compassion for self and others, helps to let go of fear & opens your heart, trusting it’s safe to express yourself and your feelings to others. It helps manifest a feeling of inner peace and a state of magical happiness. Can be used on it’s own or as part of the Love Trilogy healing protocol.

It is a great tool for Adults, Children and Teenagers.

Using the Self Love Essence can help you;
# Feel more confident in your own skin
# Move beyond fear and raise your vibration to the frequency of love.
# heal emotional wounds and free yourself from the past.
# find things to love about yourself and see yourself in a new light
# heal feelings of abandonment, rejection and alienation from others
# Help those that have been bullied.
# feel confident on the first day of school
# Support Kids and Teens that have been left out of the cool group at school
# Heal that part of you that feels criticised, judged and un-loved
# Soothe your heart and comfort your soul
# Connect to your inner child and recover your sense of playfulness and joy.
# Reclaim your inner talents and abilities, left behind because of past traumas or emotional wounds
# Express love and affection without fear of getting hurt
# Find the courage to pursue your dreams
# Stimulate creativity and expression
# Meditate calling love into your heart from the divine.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Pure essential oils. Vibrational frequencies from Flowers, Crystals, Colour, Reiki and Angelic energy. Natural preservatives and solubilisers.

Radiate a higher vibration of love, positivity & harmony with our full range.


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