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Creates deep inner peace & relaxation. Stills your busy mind. Supports mindfulness and a deep state of inner bliss.

The inspiration behind this Sacred energy mist was from my own challenges with meditation, particularly quieting my thoughts and feeling safe to drop into a deeper state of being.

The aromatics of Frankincense, Rose and Sandalwood form the base of this sacred blend, helping you to ground and connect to your heart. The Citrusy and floral notes of Lavender, Orange and Lemon work beautifully with Juniper to cleanse, purify and refresh your essence, so you can feel great peace and harmony as you allow yourself to drop deep into your practice.

The energy of Archangel Michael, Mother Mary and the happiness vibe of the Dalai lama surround you with their beautiful frequential support and love through this sweet gentle mist. The Aqueous solution is activated with Wild Australian Forest flowers, Rose quartz, Amethyst and Quartz Crystals to assist in energy clearing and protection.

Can also be used as a calming remedy when feeling uptight and stressed.

30ml – Spray


Ingredients: Pure and organic essential oils, activated water, Almond & coconut sugar as a natural dispersant

Aqueous Ingredients: Solar infused Botanicals, Flowers, Crystals, Angelic and Reiki frequencies that can help you Purify your essence, ground and connect you to your higher self, defuse fear, release attachments, and infuse feelings of deep connection to source energy, inner bliss, peace and relaxation.

Essential oils: Organic and pure essential oils of the highest quality: Sandalwood, Frankincense, Rose, Patchouli, Lemon, Juniper, Eucalyptus, Rose Geranium, Orange, Lavender.

Radiate a higher vibration of love, positivity & harmony with our full range.


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