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Allows your heart to open to Radiate Joy. Increases your confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

Like a warm hand of comfort this Rosey fragrance transports you to a world where only love can conquer. This beautiful mist holds the highest frequency of love.

Like a warm hand of comfort this Angelic Energy mist has a Fresh, herbal, citrusy fragrance that magnifies the beauty within. The floral tones help to open the heart to receive love, particularly self love.

An energy mist for Love wouldn’t be complete without the humble yet powerful rose which has the highest frequency of all tangible things that we can put on our body and the closest thing we have to access and teach us love.

Kim has blended the sacred aroma of Rose, (the fragrance of love) and Frankincense (the holy anointing oil) to round out this beautiful healing remedy.

Love Energy Mist can help deepen your relationships, both physically and Spiritually by increasing one’s faith and connection to higher self.

A celebration of femininity in all its aspects, Love energy mist can bring strength and joy from the Angels into our hearts, reminding us that we are perfect just as we are.

30ml – Spray


Ingredients: Pure and organic essential oils, activated water, Almond & coconut sugar as a natural dispersant

Aqueous Ingredients: Solar infused Flower, Crystal, Angelic and Reiki frequencies that help connect us to that wise part of ourselves (higher self) who knows us best, helping us to defuse feelings of un-forgiveness and hatred for self and others, lack of confidence, lack of self worth and self love, un-forgiveness and any limiting beliefs around giving and receiving love.

By releasing what doesn’t serve our highest good, we make way for the revitalisation of unconditional love, forgiveness, optimism and joy, so we can live with a beautiful open heart full of love.

Essential oils: Organic and pure essential oils of the highest quality: Melissa, Rose, Orange, Geranium, Frankincense.

Radiate a higher vibration of love, positivity & harmony with our full range.


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