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Clears your space, balances your energy field and creates your own personal sanctuary.

Harmonise Energy Mist works on the energetic frequencies around us. Like a beautiful waterfall, it has a purifying and cleansing effect on your energy field and surrounding environment, leaving you feeling refreshed and clear.

Spraying this beautiful, citrusy, spicy, fresh aroma  creates a feeling of lightness and balance, raising your vibration, whilst it’s base of Frankincense clears any malevolent, energy attachments and assists in everyday functioning from a place of heightened awareness.

Great for anyone who works in caring roles and vocations, healers, nurses, massage therapists, counsellors etc, and for those who spend a lot of time on computers and smart phones. Helpful when in environments where there is a lot of scattered, chaotic energies. (shopping malls, hospitals, office blocks etc).

This will be a saviour in your Spiritual toolbox. It helps realign and balance your frequency, releases any negative energy and can help you regain energy and balance.

“I travel a lot for my work and personally, I wouldn’t travel without Harmonise. I spray the corners of my hotel room, the bedding and pillows to clear the energy of previous guests. I sleep like a baby”  Kylie, Main Beach, Gold Coast

30ml – Spray


Ingredients: Pure and organic essential oils, activated water, Almond & coconut sugar as a natural dispersant

Aqueous Ingredients: Solar infused Aqua infused with Botanicals, Flower & Crystal energy for frequential harmony, balance, energy purification. Helps diffuse malevolent, scattered negative energy, limiting beliefs, etc.

Essential oils: Organic and Pure essential oils of the highest quality: Frankincense, Juniper, Rosemary, Peru Balsam. Lavender, Lemon, Orange.


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