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Is an energy Spray mist with an aroma reminiscent of an invigorating walk in the forest on a winters morning, where everything feels fresh and new.

A stimulating blend of Citrus, Minty and Herbal essential oils are blended to give you a zing of energy & a boost to your brain power, so you can feel mentally alert, energised and motivated.

Kim infuses the energy frequencies of Flowers, Crystals, Colour and Light into an aqueous, beautiful woody base to help eliminate brain fog, clear any blocks around lack of confidence and confusion and help you feel calm and grounded, so you can get to the task at hand.

Whether it is for Study, a work project or an energetic slump after lunch, focus is your smart little friend in a bottle.

30ml – Spray


Ingredients: Aqua infused with flowers, crystals, colour & reiki.

Essential oils: Lemon, Lime – Peppermint, Rosemary Rosewood, Peru Balsam, Basil. Almond & coconut sugar dispersant

Lime: Citrusy – Refreshes the mind. Uplifting, cleansing, helps with clarity and concentration.
BasilHerby – The brain oil. Clarity, Positiveness, Purposefulness, assertiveness, Strength, Integrity, Cheerfulness.
Peppermint: Minty – Clarity, confidence,, vitality, concentration, self acceptance.
RosemaryHerby – Uplifting of energy, confidence, creativity, clarity,& awareness.
Lemon: emotional clarity, joy, direction, concentration, calm, memory,
RosewoodWoody – Emotionally stabilising, helps one relax, whilst releasing any self imposed restrictions that are getting in the way of completing the task.

Aqueous Ingredients: Solar infused Flower & Crystal frequencies help connect us on an energetic level to that wise part of ourselves (higher self) who knows us best, helping us retrieve long forgotten skills, memories, learning abilities, and creativity with Clarity and Focus the end goal, whilst dispelling any fear of failure, overwhelm and fuzzy brain feelings.

Radiate a higher vibration of love, positivity & harmony with our full range.


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