Everyday Alchemy (3 Set)

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Choose your favourite 3 Everyday Alchemy Essences 

Happy Days

3 x 30ml – Spray


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6 reviews for Everyday Alchemy (3 Set)

  1. Lyn Busuttil

    When I received my everyday alchemy set, my first choice was the Manifest bottle – I could not believe just how fine the spray was and felt the power, the love instantly. It was an amazing experience and the fragrances really suited my mood. I continued to use it everyday for a week, just before my morning meditation. Within days my bookings with clients literally began to increase at a rapid rate. I also love the Focus bottle, it is especially helpful when I am doing tedious computer work. Happy Days was my third bottle and has been particularly helpful recently for my grandson who has had some sad experiences to work through. The fine mist and beautiful fragrance most certainly lifted his spirit and vibrancy to bounce back again.
    Thankyou Kimmy for creating this deliciously amazing product!

  2. Kim

    Dear Lyn, Thanks so much for your beautiful words and feedback. I really love hearing from you, particularly that you have been able to help your grandson work through some sadness. Sending you so much love to you and healing for your little miracle boy. xxx

  3. Michelle E Temple-Forrest (Connecting with Clarity)

    I love love love these sprays! They are masterful alchemy at it’s divine best. It is hard to have a favourite but if in doubt I head for the Focus Spray along with Harmonize to raise my vibration especially helpful if doing a reading or doing a live and it enhances my connection to Divine Source Energy every time. I also have the Love, Manifest and Happy Days and they are delicious also and Happy Days really helps me cope with the drudgery of my day job. I am looking forward to ordering the Meditation Spray and Unwind Spray. Thank you for these truly wonderful creations!

  4. Kim

    Thanks so much Michelle for your feedback and recommendations. It really warms my heart when intuitive and kind souls like you, love what i do. Much love to you. Kimmy xx

  5. Gabrielle

    Wow! Refined and powerful, each uniquely crafted with love…what a lovely surprise gift! Definitely getting some more. They match their names, a real tribute to someone who really knows her product and process..an alchemist is Kim. Thankyou

  6. Kim

    Hi Gabrielle, I loved reading your feedback and I really appreciate you taking the time to post a comment. It means the world to me. Much love Kimmy xxx

  7. Catherine Fyffe

    Wow!!! I am blown away by these beautiful sprays. I first tried Harmoniser and loved the instant calm and alignment I would feel after spraying. I loved Harmoniser so much that I then bought the other seven sprays and use each of them across my week. These sprays and the way Kim makes them is true alchemy and you can feel the magic in each bottle. So much so, that I recently ordered a custom spray from Kim for my business. Her channeled message for me as she made my spray was soooo intuitive and I love using my spray and drops each day. I feel blessed to have come across Kim and these beautiful sprays that support every aspect of my life.

  8. Luanne Mareen

    I have been using Kims Alchemy sprays for over 12 months now. What I notice each time I use them is that apart from smelling amazing I can feel a shift in energy immediately. When I am feeling like I need a boost, the sprays come out and now I use them every day as part of my spiritual practice to help me stay clear and connected. Kim has an amazing gift and I also love giving these to those I care about as gifts. I have also have had my own spray created and appreciate how it is so aligned with what I need. Thank you Kim for the gift you are to the world.

  9. Gigi

    I LOVE my mists! I can feel the love you added to them when they were created and each one of them is as good as each other. All of them are my favourite depending on what I need at that moment. Saying that I do use Manifest and Focus a lot when I am working in my business. Thank you for creating them Kimmy! Hugs Gigi

  10. Kim

    Thank yo so much Gigi! It’s so lovely to hear that you love using Manifest and Focus for business. It’s what i use too. Much love and gratitude Beautiful soul xxx

  11. Kim

    Hi Luanne, I really appreciate your feedback and i love that you use the Everyday Alchemy Mists every day. It makes my heart sing like a bird. Much love to you and so much gratitude too xxx

  12. Kim

    Oh Cathy! What a beautiful heart felt message! I’m so grateful for your feedback and I’m so happy you are loving them all. Much Love and big hugs. kimmy xxx

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