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These essences are uniquely formulated and channeled to target the specific healing needs of an individual.

Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I begin to channel your remedy and the healing process has begun. This process can take up to 5 days depending on the guidance I receive.

Once your essence is ready, it will be posted to you, together with the instructions you need to follow in order to use the essence most effectively, (including instructions on the number and frequency of drops/sprays, journaling and meditation).

Some issues the custom blended essences can help you with include:

  • Manifesting your heart’s desires (including money, work, relationships)
  • Healing relationships to self and others
  • Spiritual connection
  • Anxiety and stress relief
  • Relieving insomnia
  • Major life transitions including birth, puberty, marriage, divorce, new job, being fired/redundancy, retirement, moving, grief and loss

They also work well on children and pets.

Aside from targeting an individual’s immediate healing needs, these custom blended essences are channeled to help people raise their vibration, deepen their spiritual connection and remove any unconscious blocks they may have to healing.

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2 reviews for Custom Blended Essences

  1. Julie Lewin

    This was one of the best products I’ve ever received. I asked for the custom essence to help with my business growth and WOW it has delivered beyond my expectations. I have been twice as productive in my day and my business has opened up to opportunities I could never have conceived. This essence definitely lives up to its name of alchemy.

  2. Kim

    Thanks Julie for taking time to write a review, it’s received with much gratitude and love.Creating custom Remedies are a passion of mine, I love them xxx

  3. Anna Willey

    I wanted to meet an alchemist who can support myself and my clients in their Mission Business with vibrational essences. A Magician / Alchemist. I remember asking the universe to send this person to me. I was referred to Kimmy by a business friend and she said I have to meet Kimmy she’s beautiful and she’s amazing.

    I wanted to experience her custom essence as I was developing my Business MasterClass and wanted to connect to my guides, angles and galactic family on a deeper level. I was also wanting to clear blocks of not wanting to be seen out in the world through social media and other online platforms. I was not ready to launch any of my marketing out in the world.

    The first day I received Kimmy’s essence, I created a sacred space to meditate and set an intension to connect to the essence. When I put the drops under my tongue, I straight away felt a warm hug from angles Kim channelled for me. I felt their wings wrap around me and I loved and protected by them.

    I was such a loving and warm connection and I felt held and supported and loved. That night I went to bed with a big smile on my face. I felt like the energy that was channelled these drops were guiding me.

    During my time I have been using these drops I have created my program as I was able to connect to my galactic team and have co-created my program really fast. I felt guided every day of what my next steps were. The fear I had in being seen out in the world has now dissipated and am looking forward to launching my business so that I can serve at the highest.

    I would highly recommend Kim’s Custom Essence as it will bring you back into your heart and guide you to your path with so much love and support.

    Thank you, Kimmy, you are a beautiful and amazing soul. You are a gift to our world.
    Sending you lots of love and blessings xo

  4. Kim

    Hi Anna,
    Your testimonial has me in tears beautiful Soul!
    I am truly humbled by your words and infinately grateful to have the opportunity to work with you on so many levels and dimensions of our beings.
    Sending you soooo much love and thanks.
    My heart is singing with joy!
    Love and light always
    Kimmy xxxxxx

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