The Love Trilogy

Love Trilogy – is a set of spray mist essences hand made with love from flowers, crystals, colour and light, blended with the purest essential oils available. It was created to support those seeking a life partner, soulmate or twin flame and is so much more!

This trilogy is your perfect essence if you want to radiate a higher vibration of love and positivity, feel balanced and in harmony with life and attract in love, light & positivity.

Forgiveness is the world’s greatest physician & love its greatest healer.

This essence supports you to let go of past hurts, forgive yourself and others, dispel deep buried pain, old trauma and helps develop unconditional love.

Self Love is to love and accept yourself as the magnificent being you are.

This essence attracts the frequency of divine compassion for self and others. It encourages you to let go of fear & open your heart trusting it’s safe to express yourself and your feelings to others. It reminds you that you are a loving child of a loving God. It may help heal feelings of abandonment or alienation from others.

Twin Flame is a powerful essence for manifesting love and abundance.

Opens and clears the heart chakra; promotes the healing of fear; cleanses & energises the heart and emotional body; and activates the base chakra helping to ground you in your body. It also reconnects you with your higher self and encourages you to receive love & acknowledgement from others. If you seek a soulmate, it helps you identify attitudes, past wounds and habitual relationship patterns that may stand in your way. It deepens existing relationships.

Your Morning

“Self Love” Essence

Each morning, look in the mirror and say, “[name] I love and honour you just as you are, life loves you” or “Even though I’m feeling, [insert feeling eg..angry, sick, sad] I truly love, honour and accept myself as the pure, beautiful loving being that I am.”

This really sets you up for the day and stops the critical inner voice from taking over.

Next say what you are grateful for in yourself. Eg: I am grateful I have a healthy body, teeth, hair etc. Choose at least 10 things you like about yourself. 

“Twin Flame” Essence

To set your intention for the day, use this essence after the “Self Love” spray. You might say something like:

“I love it when I have a good day” or “Today I attract people who vibrate with kindness and love.” 

If you need help with something you might say:
“Today my intention is to attract 4 new clients who buy my
, love it and feel fantastic as a result” or “Today my intention is to attract the right people who can help me with my health issues.”


If you are looking to find love you might say:
“I now vibrate in the highest form of Love and kindness and I attract a man/woman with the same vibration” or “I love it when I meet beautiful, kind, loyal and available men/women who are also looking for the same in a relationship.”

It’s fun making up your own intentions. Don’t get too bogged down in this, just have fun.

Maybe keep a journal so you can look back in three months and see what has changed for you.

During Your Day

Keep the Self Love essence in your handbag and spray it around your energy field whenever you have a mean thought about yourself.  If you can’t spray it because you are out in public, just hold the bottle, it will still work. Just say to yourself, “Life loves you, I love you” over and over until you snap back into positive mode. You can change your vibe in an instant. It’s all about choice.

Use the Twin Flame essence after “Self Love” or anytime you wish to set an intention and let the magic unfold. Examples of intention are: “I love it when I have a great day” or “I am now attracting the love I desire”, “Today I am going to attract 3 new clients”. Get creative and make up your own, it’s fun!

Your Evening

Spray Forgiveness and say the Hawaiian Prayer to anyone you feel hurt by, yourself included.

The Hawaiian Prayer: Ho’Oponopono  (Google here if for more information)

I’m Sorry – Please forgive me – Thank you – I love you

Gratitude exercise: I’m so happy and grateful for…….. eg. my healthy body, a safe home, beautiful family etc etc. Get really specific and choose at least 10 things.

Then go to sleep.


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