About Kim

I have always been passionate about vibrational healing essences.  As massage and reiki therapist with over 20 years experience, I became increasingly excited about the subtle, yet powerful ability of these essences to help people heal and transform. 

As a result of this I began to experiment with combining different essences including the Bach and Australian Bush Flower Essences as well as the vibrational properties of colour, sound and crystals. 

Over time, as I developed my natural ability to connect to and channel the wisdom of the Archangels and other Light Beings, I began to formulate my own unique essences for healing which combine the flower, sound and crystal essences as well as the messages and healings from these Divine Beings.

My passion is to help people be more connected to spirit (including their own Higher Selves), and to help them remove any blocks to healing they may have.


Dip Remedial Therapies. Dip Remedial Massage, Dip Corporate Stress Therapies, Aromatherapy, Reiki energy healing, Australian Bush Flower Healing, Crystal Light Therapy, Bach Essences, Essences of Archangels and Certificates in Metaphysical Healing modalities and Intuitive Healing

What they say…

I am a psychic medium and a year ago a client, desperate for love came to me for a reading.

I had just purchased the ‘Love Trilogy’ set and decided to form a sacred circle with the essences. These helped me to see where her blocks were in receiving love.

I then cocooned her before she left with the three spray mists, spraying them around her energy field/Aura so that energetically her vibrational field would start to attract the right person.

I am happy to report she is so in love with an amazing man.

The Mystic Queen

Rose bay NSW

Once in a while in this crazy world you come across a true healer and I was blessed to find Kim – a Goddess who intuitively feels the vibrations of the earths elements and infuses them into her essences.

She concocts my own blend every full moon and each morning I spray her magic potion, inhale the aroma of bliss and instantly feel calm, balanced, invigorated and protected before I step out into my frenetic life. 


I’d like to say a very big thank you for your SOS Essence, I have been using with Steel – my sensitive Kelpie.

For the times he is anxious/nervous or feeling a storm coming, he is usually my shadow – won’t leave my side.

I have been giving him half a dropper of your SOS Essence. After about 5mins I can see a shift in his demeanour, he seems more relaxed and content to just lie near me.

I have also given him your SOS Essence when he has been barking unnecessarily, on days I’m away, it settles him then.

As he is so sensitive, the effects last for hours – keeping calm and relaxed.



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