Strength of Spirit. 

Use for any personal crisis situation or emotional upset to bring calm fast. Helps you cope when you feel you can’t.

This Calming Remedy can provide support fast when unexpected changes and events strike fast, or take you way out of your comfort zone. SOS is your Strength of Spirit remedy, infusing feelings of courage and strength to cope. It can help to settle nerves before events like Public Speaking, Job interviews, weddings etc. If you have an anxious Pet, SOS works a treat to calm them too.

Available in a Spray Mist and an Essence (drops to place under the tongue or in water).

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Spray Mist 

Ingredients: Calming Essential oils of Clary Sage, Orange, Cypress, Ho Leaf, Frankincense, Sandalwood, combined with Vibrational Essences from Crystals, Flowers, Colours, Reiki and channelled Angelic frequencies.

Ingredients: Aqua infused with flowers, crystals, colour & reiki. Essential oils: Orange, Cypress, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Sandalwood. Almond & coconut sugar dispersant.


Essence (drops)

Administer: 7 drops under the tongue every hour as required until you feel calm and clear.

Ingredients: Purified water activated with frequencies of Crystal, Forest Flowers, Colour, Reiki, Activated Purified Aqua 67%, Brandy 33% as preservative

Administer: Take 7 drops under the tongue every hour until you feel better.

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Essence (drops), Spray Mist


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