The Love Trilogy Essences (Set)

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Forgiveness, Self Love & Twin Flame spray mist

This is a set of Hand Made spray mist essences hand made with love from flowers, crystals, colour and light, blended with the purest essential oils available. It was created to support those seeking a life partner, soulmate or twin flame and is so much more!

This trilogy is your perfect essence if you want to radiate a higher vibration of love and positivity, feel balanced and in harmony with life and attract in love, light & positivity.

3 x 20ml – Spray



5 reviews for The Love Trilogy Essences (Set)

  1. Vicki Courtenay

    I love this set of sprays. I’ve bought this as gifts for my friends and sisters who adore them also. Highly recommended.

  2. Julie Lewin

    I 100% LOVE the “Love Trilogy Essences”. I have been married for 37 years … so don’t need a new man. But, I do want to be in alignment. I do want to live in forgiveness. I do want to keep my relationship strong. I also use these essences in my business to attract new clients who are my ideal customers. They work on your vibration and help you attract into your life what you want. Highly recommend these essences.

  3. Kim McMashon

    I started using Kim’s essences last week. At first I had set an intention to help me clear energy and get balanced, and what actually ended up happening is that I manifested 4 clients on one day. They are powerful tools indeed that I continue to use in my daily practice. Thank you Kimmy Mac for this beautiful trio of magic. Luanne Mareen – Chieg Goddess – Goddess on Purpose

  4. Luanne Mareen

    I started using Kims essences last week. At first, I had set an intention to help me clear energy and get balanced and what actually ended up happening is that I manifested 4 clients in one day. They are Powerful tools indeed that I continue to use as in my daily practice. Thank you, Kim for this beautiful trio of magic. Luanne Mareen – Chief Goddess – Goddess on Purpose.

  5. Kim McMashon

    Thanks Julie for your beautiful feedback. I love hearing how you use the Trilogy. I’m also married for 21 years and use mine everyday for the same reasons. When i make my batches up, my hubby is like a puppy dog around me. All loved up and happy, they definately vibrate to Love. Much love Kimmy xx

  6. Kim McMashon

    Hi Vicki, Thanks so much for your excellent review. My heart is singing! I really appreciate your support and love of my Love Trilogy. Big Hugs to you…Kimmy xxx

  7. Diane Nutsford

    I started using these beautiful essences about 18 months ago. I was firstly introduced to Twin Flame which I absolutely adored. At the time I was having some issues in my life, mostly about self doubt. I used Twin Flame every morning with a little personal mantra. Within a few days my outlook on life changed. Then came the whole Love Trilogy. With great excitement I purchased the set. What a difference. Using these essences with Kim’s instructions I really feel uplifted and lighter. They are not only purposeful but smell heavenly and come in gorgeous packaging. I have also found they make the perfect, unique and personal gift. Spoil yourself with Love Trilogy, what may seem like a luxury will become a beautiful necessity in your life.

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