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Spiritual Hygiene Harmoniser remedy is a frequential remedy based around harmonising the frequencies of higher self, your environment and your energetic field. It creates a feeling of lightness and balance for you that assists in everyday functioning from a place of heightened awareness.

Great for anyone who works in caring roles and vocations, healers, nurses, massage therapists, counsellors etc, and for those who spend a lot of time on computers and smart phones.

It creates a Harmonising feeling in environments where there is a lot of scattered chaotic energies. (shopping malls, hospitals, office blocks etc).

This will be a saviour in your Spiritual toolbox. It helps realign and balance your frequency, releases negative energy and helps you regain energy and balance.

Essential oils and vibrational essence spray mist.


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When you are feeling out of alignment you can feel like nature is not co-operating  everything feels stodgy, heavy and hard. You may feel cranky and out of sorts and life doesn’t flow as well with  you.

When in alignment you feel like nature is always cooperating and you are back in your flow. You feel calmer, more centred and ready to take on your next task.

Harmoniser Remedy mist helps us get back in the flow with the rhythms of our true nature.

Imagine you are surfing the perfect wave on a blissful day. everything flows perfectly, you don’t need to think and are at one with the wave. As the wave ends you flick off the back of the wave and paddle back out feeling exhilarated, happy and  alive. You are vibrating high and in frequential harmony with your true nature in the present moment.

Harmoniser Remedy Mist will be an invaluable tool in your Spiritual toolbox.

Along with eating healthy food, upping your water intake and getting out in nature, Spiritual Hygiene – Harmoniser can also help to raise your vibration, So that you can feel centred, grounded and able to embrace the day energetically.

All you need to do is shake and tap the bottle against your hand to activate the energetics of your remedy, then stretch your arm above your head and spray your mist around your upper body. Movement is crucial at this stage. I like to move my arms around and play with the mist. Get into your inner child mode and dance with the mist, moving releases any stuck energy and it feels good too.

Harmoniser will help you get back into the feeling of that perfect wave and you are back in flow.

Use to:

  • Feel Calm, balanced and grounded in the present.
  • Re-callibrate your energy frequency any time of the day to feel clear and free.
  • Connect to your higher self and create your sacred space
  • Neutralise the air space around your computer and smartphone, so you feel clear.
  • Clear your home or workspace when the energy feels cluttered and stale
  • After arguments and upheaval
  • When feeling any tension, negative, chaotic or stuck emotion
  • Great for children and teenagers after nightmares or arguments, 
  • Clear your energy field of any negative energy and attachments.
  • Clear meditation space, healing clinic or massage room

Blended high quality essential oils are added to Kim’s channelled mother tinctures of crystals, flowers, colour, light etc, which give Harmoniser mist a unique fragrance and energetic component, enhancing the positive aromatherapy benefits.

Your Keywords:
Balance and harmony, Re-establish, clean-up, feel calm and clear – revitalised.
Alignment – to energy and environment, physical, emotional mental, spiritual.
Offers correction and healing for the energetic frequencies of the body and environment, so we become in a more unified state.
Feel in Harmonic rhythm and flow with life.
Helps to bring the subtle energy fields of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies back into frequential alignment.
When you align with the vibration of your higher self you will feel a sense of freedom and inner peace that is unlike anything else.

It is a great healing tool for Adults, Children and Teenagers.

Spray Mist

Ingredients: Aqua, Vibrational essences from flowers, crystals, colour and light, resonating to Frequential Harmony, Pure essential oils: Juniper, Rosemary and lavender. Natural dispersant from coconut and almond sugars.
Administer: Spray mist as required until you feel balance and harmony.

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