How to use your Custom Essence

Your Custom Essence is blended to work at a very deep level, bringing the unconscious to the conscious awareness so that it can be processed and healed.

The most effective way for you to work with the remedies is to trust and be guided by your intuition.  I find the best way to access your intuition is through journaling and meditation.

Your Morning

Upon rising, record any dreams you have had and what they mean to you.

Administer your essence by placing 7 drops under the tongue (allow to dissolve naturally) or spray your Custom Essence around your energy field and take several deep breaths in and out.

Meditate and record any insights in your journal.

Set your intention for the day and complete the process by stating your channeled affirmation, (included with your Custom Essence).

Your Evening

Before bed, reflect on your day and record any insights in your journal.

Administer your Custom Essence in the same way as you did in the morning. 

Meditate and record any insights in your journal.

When you finish your Custom Essence it is good to re-read and reflect on what you have written in your journal. By doing this you should find that the issue your Custom Essence was blended for has been resolved and healed.  Remember, it is your commitment to this process and the work that you do that ultimately resolves and heals the issue.

Once you have completed your Custom Essence we can look at the next issue you may wish to work on and create a new Custom Essence for you.


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