My dear friend and amazing alchemist Kim created a special Trilogy pack for me, after workshopping something deeply important – the ability to love ourselves in totality and in turn love our partners and family members. With the greatest integrity and ingenuity Kim created the most amazing sprays that I have come across.

The success of ‘ The Love Trilogy’ has helped to support hundreds of my clients in a very new phenomenon sweeping the planet at this time. We are called as intuitives to use our skills at this time to help the planet evolve. I think the most impressive component of these products are their ability to support a total healing of an individual.

They truly are that amazing!

For me personally, I deal with many clients with different issues, to know I can ‘prescribe’ a take home pack that honestly not only helps assist in times of crisis but can also help to transform lives – is so unique and special.

I use Kim’s blends myself to feel supported as I help assist others. My beautiful 10 year old daughter uses them too. Kim and her products are amazing and without a doubt life changing. Her Custom Blends are stand alone and made with the most beautiful oils. What an amazing gift she is to the Planet.

Thank you Kimmy. Abbey and I love you and your essense to the moon and back!

Love and Light always,

Michele Reeves

CEO, Heart Space Manor